Upper Clerk:

The Upper Clerk is the chief administrative officer of the Company. There have been many iterations of the role, some combining the activities of Treasurer. This was actively discouraged when it was found that one such Clerk was convicted of theft of Company property!

Historically it was spelt ‘Clarke’ and the title Upper Clerk is a relatively recent affectation. Clerks have been either members of the Company or individuals brought in from the outside and have not been Freemen.

Today the Upper Clerk is the equivalent of the Chief Operating Officer of the Company. He is a part time official working to the Court of Assistants.

This list is not complete, however as our archivist works through the records and minute books held at the Borthwick Institute, York, the names of newly found clerks will be added.

Clerks in England 1614 - present day

1619    George Symcotts 
1793    Beriah Drew
1829    G Drew (relation of Beriah Drew?)
1859    G Drew and GH Drew (Father and Son?)
1913    John Tilleard Freeman (Solicitor)
1923    Godfrey J Freeman (Son of JT Freeman)
1951    Ken Bloor
1960    J Allan Clough
1960    Pat Womersley DFC  
1985    Martin Arnold
1994    Giles Sandford Scott
2001    Major Simon Hogge MBE
2014    Wing Commander Anthony Robinson
2015    Major Simon Hogge MBE
2016    Lieutenant Colonel David O’Kelly