The Charitable Trust is keen to give opportunities for young people to travel in order to broaden minds, understand other cultures and build self-esteem, character and confidence. Recently there has been an increase in the availability of travel mainly due to cheap flights, which has substantially widened the opportunity for all. At present the Trust makes two awards each year via the Centre for Global Programmes at York University.

The Trust is looking to support students who:

  • Are undergraduates in their penultimate year at Universities in Yorkshire and Humberside
  • Wish to travel during the long summer vacation
  • Are travelling by themselves or a small group where it can be shown that the applicant has shown initiative in organising the travel.
  • Are looking at spending four to eight weeks overseas
  • The travel should not be part of a University or College course, but have clear aims and objectives
  • Travel for pleasure and not as part of their academic course
  • The Trust is keen to support those who have little previous experience of travelling.

For outstanding proposals, sums of up to £1,000 is available.

Closing date: 30th April annually.

To apply please email: